Cryogenic Gas Plants

Opero Energy’s Cryogenic Gas Plants are designed for prompt production and maximum NGL recovery – saving you time and money. Our plants generate faster production profits with the ability to produce first gas within 12-15 months. Opero’s multi-disciplined team helps design standardized and custom solutions to exceed performance expectations and meet client requirements.



Quick Plant Setup

  • Full turnkey capabilities including project management, engineering, procurement and fabrication, startup support and performance optimization
  • Skid-mounted for fast installation and mobility
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast-track delivery

Lower Operation Costs & Risks

  • Reduced construction time and costs
  • First gas production profits
  • Warranties on engineering and design services, fabricated equipment and third-party materials and equipment
  • Quicker rate of return due to better recoveries and operational efficiency
  • Reduced compression to horsepower requirements
  • Turndown capabilities to 35% of design capacity without loss of efficiency and liquid recoveries


Profitable Results

  • Customizable solutions
  • Quality controlled and tested
  • Choice of standard or customized designs
  • Startup assistance and performance optimization services available

Cryogenic Gas Plant Options

  • GSP design for deep ethane recovery and ethane rejection
  • Specialized designs for maximum propane recovery with essentially complete ethane rejection
  • Processing capabilities for both lean and rich gas compositions



  • Standard cryogenic gas plants with capacities of 60, 120 and 200 MMSCFD
  • Operates with no loss in capacity of the rated plant up to 9.0 GPM gas
  • Mole sieves that are capable of handling partially and fully water saturated gas
  • Stabilizer feed bottom exchanger
  • Horizontal three phase flash tank
  • Heat medium oil unit (HMO) or indirect heater with expansion tank with BMS and removable fire tube and coil, fuel gas assembly and flame arrestor
  • Pneumatic / instrument gas / electronic instrumentation (option based on customer preference)
  • Robust skid design with deck grating and lifting lugs


  • Turnkey processing facilities
  • Project management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Fabrication
  • Start Up Support


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