An Overview of Fouling in Heat Exchangers

Fouling in heat exchangers can have a substantial impact on the operation of processing facilities. First and foremost, it inhibits the ability of the exchanger to recover heat from the product stream. In turn, more heat must be supplied by the furnace to raise the...

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An Overview of Acid Gas Enrichment (AGE)

Natural gas fields that contain higher amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) than hydrogen sulfide (H2S) pose significant challenges for sulfur recovery units (SRUs) that utilize conventional Claus-based recovery processes. In such instances, the use of acid gas enrichment...

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The Effect of Ambient Conditions on LNG Plant Operation

Ambient conditions can have a significant impact on the overall operation of an LNG plant -- particularly when it comes to liquefaction. Among all environmental factors, air temperature typically has the largest effect due to the fact that as it increases, the...

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