NGL Fractionation Trains

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Engineered To Optimize Product Value for Regional Fractionation

Opero Energy’s NGL fractionation train designs and equipment are engineered to optimize product value for regional fractionation. From pre-engineered to custom-designed solutions, we offer a range of fractionators that separate produced NGLs into commercial propane, butane, LPG, and other natural gas condensates. We solve all your NGL fractionation needs, from new facilities to de-bottlenecking of older units.

Fully modular and scalable, our standard plant sizes range from 2,500 BBL/D to 50,000 BBL/D fractionation capacity and offer midstream companies the opportunity to capitalize on fractionating and selling purity products, domestically or globally. Based on raw-mix feed conditions and final end product requirements, Opero Energy offers multiple distillation columns to cover a range of capacities.

Standard Sizes & Capacities

  • 2,500 BBL/D to 50,000 BBL/D

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