CO2 Capture & Processing Systems

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Modular carbon capture solutions that advance clean energy goals

Carbon capture and processing play a critical role in reducing emissions and furthering environmental commitments. Opero Energy has the technological innovations and domain expertise to help you maximize your returns from CO2 capture and processing while delivering clean, efficient energy to meet the growing global demand.

Opero Energy’s modular carbon capture and processing systems utilize technology and designs that allow for CO2 capture, dehydration, processing, compression, and pumping at supercritical levels for sequestration. Our systems concentrate CO2 volumes from flue gas sources to optimize the amount of energy required to capture and treat carbon for the production of a CO2 product that can be monetized for enhanced oil recovery or sequestration.

Our in-house fabrication experts leverage multidisciplinary experience at every stage of engineering, procurement, and manufacturing–allowing for efficient installation, maximum flexibility, and mobility. With a unique blend of capabilities from a single source, we provide turnkey solutions designed specifically for your application, budget, and goals.

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