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Cryogenic processing facilities for maximum NGL recovery

Opero Energy’s cryogenic gas units are designed for prompt production and maximum NGL recovery, saving our clients time and money. Our multidisciplinary engineering team designs standardized and custom solutions that consistently meet or exceed performance expectations.

Our core configuration for cryogenic plants includes inlet dehydration using molecular sieve equipment, cryogenic gas processing system, and turbo-expander/re-compressor skid. Opero Energy has process engineering designs for GSP, RSV, SRC, SRX and multiple other cryogenic technologies.

Standard sizes & capacities

  • 60 MMSCFD
  • 120 MMSCFD
  • 200 MMSCFD
  • 250 MMSCFD
  • 300 MMSCFD

Key Features

  • Operates with no loss in rated capacity with up to 10.0 GPM
  • Mole sieves that are capable of handling partially or fully watered saturated gas
  • Ultra high ethane and propane recoveries
  • Ultra high ethane rejection designs
  • Y-grade liquid product meeting C1/C2 LV% of 1.5

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