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Ensuring safe transport and accurate measurement of liquid and gas products

Opero Energy designs, engineers, and manufactures metering skids for natural gas, crude oil, and other liquid applications. Whether you need a custom build or a standardized configuration, we leverage deep process expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver custom or standard metering skid that meet your specific process requirement. We fabricate each skid inhouse to rigorous standards and specifications, including ASME B31.1, 31.4, and 31.8. Our on-time delivery helps you increase production, streamline operational efficiency, and minimize downtime.

Opero Energy’s broad manufacturing capabilities include turnkey lease automatic custody transfer(LACT) units designed for trucks, rail loading, and offloading facilities. Manufactured with precision and unmatched quality control, our LACT skids are reliable, low maintenance, and easy to use, ensuring dynamic custody transfer of marketable liquid hydrocarbons.

Leading measurement technology

We can build skids and systems as a complete integrated modular package that is fully optimized, tested, and ready to use within your facilities. Opero Energy utilizes advanced technology for measuring elements, including

  • Senior and Junior orifice meters
  • Coriolis meters
  • Ultrasonic meters 
  • Magnetic meters

Opero Energy combines measurement and fabrication expertise to manufacture flexible, timely plug-and-play designs. We build and deliver each system with complete instrumentation, valves, and auxiliary items for simplified maintenance and operations.

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