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Design and fabrication that maximize productivity

Successful processing sets the stage for lower costs and better production across your production life cycle. Opero Energy’s value-added modular production equipment enhances construction efficiency to gain time-to-market advantage. Our high-performance, integrated equipment is designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested for seamless installation into your operations—resulting in quicker installation and reduced overall costs.

Whatever type of skid you need for your project, Opero Energy is your single source for turnkey production equipment. Designed and built to your exact processing facility requirements, our skids are fully tested and ready for connection in the field. With technical knowledge and process engineering expertise, we continually provide innovative products and services that add value through improved reliability, safety, and performance.

Operating within strict performance guidelines, our in-house team manufactures production equipment to the highest standards to ensure exceptional product quality, lower capital costs, faster time to market, and on-time delivery.

Featured Products

Meter Skids | Opero Energy

Meter skids

Purpose-built fiscal meter skids for natural gas, crude oil, and other liquid applications.

Fuel Gas Skids | Opero Energy

Fuel gas skids

Units manufactured to meet or exceed quality specifications and ensure high-purity products.

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