The Opero Energy fabrication facility is equipped with the latest fabrication tools, equipment,  and technology to provide fast and quality production.

Highlights of the facility include:

  • Overall Site 3.4 acres
  • Secure Outside Laydown Storage of 43,560 SF
  • Shop Floor Space 60,000 SF
  • Two (2) Fabrication Bays each 350 feet long and 68 feet wide
  • Three Large Overhead Access Doors to yard and four access doors on ends.
  • Six (6) Overall 25 Ton Bridge Cranes with Hook height of 23 feet
  • Five (5) 1-ton Jib Cranes Serving Six Pipe Welding Cells
  • 155 Tons of Overall Lifting Capacity
  • Six (6) 3,000 lb Pipe Positions to weld in 1g Rolled Position
  • 800amp Electrical Service
  • Over fifty 480v/30amp service drops and over fifty 110v/20amp receptacles.
  • Direct highway access for transportation of large modular products anywhere in the United States or to nearest port for international shipment.

Equipment list:

  • Miller Pipeworx System including Programmable SMAW, GMAW, GMAW-Pulsed, GTAW weld settings and Regulated Metal Deposit technology for root pass pipe welding
  • Miller Insight Pipe & Vessel to monitor and report QA/QC welding metrics and productivity measurements
  • Miller XMT 450 MPAs Multiprocess for Structural Welding featuring Hobart Metal Core Wire for deep penetrations and cleaner welds.
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter for Stainless Steel Beveling including F5 cover gases to limit heat affected zones
  • Dedicated Stainless Steel Pipe cutting and welding area with curtain to limit carbon contamination
  • Sullair 40hp VFD Rotary Air Compressor to power shop pneumatic tools.
  • Stainless steel welding procedures featuring Tri-H cover and backing gas to provide clean reliable code quality welds.
  • Over fifty 480v/30amp service drops and over fifty 110v/20amp receptacles.