Condensate Stabilizer Units

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Guaranteed For Optimal Field Performance

Opero Energy’s condensate stabilizer units are guaranteed for optimal field performance and customizability. The units are engineered for fast-track delivery and designed to meet stringent product color and Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) specifications.

Standard Sizes & Capacities

  • 5,000 BPD
  • 10,000 BPD
  • 20,000 BPD
  • 25,000 BPD
  • 50,000 BPD

KEy Features

  • One (1) tower design: 8-12 PSIA RVP product 
  • Two (2) tower design: 8-12 PSIA RVP product and Y-grade liquid product meeting C1/C2 LV% of 1.5
  • Stabilizer towers with stainless steel packing 
  • Stabilizer feed / bottoms exchanger 
  • Horizontal three phase flash tank 
  • Heat medium oil unit (HMO) or direct fired heater with expansion tank and BMS system 

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